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    The Additive Manufacturing Laboratory (AddLab) specializes in innovations using modern additive manufacturing techniques, including 2D and 3D printing in conjunction with embedded electronics. Additive manufacturing has revolutionized manufacturing production, bringing down the cost of prototyping, while allowing for novel designs and devices never before possible. In-situ, non-destructive evaluation methodologies that monitor the fabrication process and efficiently qualify fabricated components are under development. The AddLab works with industrial partners to transition research and development from the laboratory into industrial-scale production. Our extensive 2D and 3D fabrication tools, in combination with expertise with simulations and modeling, enables the lab to develop and optimize manufacturable components for U.S. Department of Defense customers as well. The AddLab faculty, staff, and students take pride in developing the workforce of the future. Many opportunities are available for undergraduate internships during the academic year and over the summer, as well as graduate student research.


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