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    The Environmental Systems Lab focuses on chemical and physical processes in environmental systems. Researchers in the group use a suite of analyses to study the effects of surface chemistry on contaminant transport and attenuation. Recent projects include work with the water company SUEZ North America on converting filters and adsorbents used in water treatment plants into biologically active filters for the additional purpose of treating emerging contaminants that involve pharmaceuticals, personal healthcare products and pesticides. The lab studies biologically active filters with equipment that includes a TOC analyzer, nutrient analyses and ATP analysis. Additionally, Chemours Company is supporting the lab’s research into reactive mineral phases using core samples preserved for redox integrity. A primary goal is to advance understanding of interfacial processes, the interaction between minerals and chlorinated solvents, and their impact on water quality and contaminant mobility and bioavailability. The lab has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Army, SUEZ North America, Chemours Company and the state transportation agencies of both New Jersey and New York.


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