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    The NJIT Makerspace is a rapid prototyping and collaboration facility where engineers, architects, designers, and scientists can create and test ideas, put theory into practice, and turn ideas into reality. This 21st-century prototyping, manufacturing, and collaborative space allows students, faculty, and industry partners to build physical systems in a functional and inspirational environment. The 25,000 square-foot Makerspace is the largest of its kind in New Jersey and houses the industrial-grade tools and technologies that today’s STEM students must master in order to become tomorrow’s innovators and leaders. It provides them a venue where they can test ideas, visualize, create prototypes, and apply complex technologies, machines, and materials used in state-of-the-art manufacturing. Through this process all participants gain real-world experience across an array of industries. Among other functions, the Makerspace offers equipment and devices for 3D printing, additive manufacturing, material cutting and shaping, metrology, visualization, computing, emulation, and simulation.


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