ATI: Adaptive Optics System for 1.6-m Solar Telescope in Big Bear

  • Wang, Haimin H. (PI)
  • Goode, Philip (CoPI)
  • Ren, Deqing (CoPI)
  • Denker, C. (CoPI)

Project: Research project

Project Details


New Jersey Institute of Technology, in collaboration with the University of Hawaii and the Korean National Observatory, is building the world's largest aperture solar telescope. The 1.6 m aperture, off-axis, New Solar Telescope will replace Big Bear Solar Observatory's principal telescope with its 65 cm aperture. The project is under way; first light is anticipated at the end of 2006. A 76-element adaptive optics system for the current 65 cm telescope and the 76 cm National Solar Observatory Dunn telescope has already been developed. To fully utilize the scientific capability of the new 1.6 m telescope, the 76-element adaptive optics system will be transferred, with modifications, to the New Solar Telescope immediately after that telescope is installed.

Effective start/end date5/15/064/30/10


  • National Science Foundation: $262,609.00


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