Collaborative Research: Establishing a Center for Hybrid Multicore Productivity Research

  • Conte, Thomas T.M. (PI)
  • Kim, Hyesoon (CoPI)
  • Clark, Nate N. (CoPI)
  • Vuduc, Richard W. (CoPI)
  • Bader, David (CoPI)

Project: Research project

Project Details


0934364 University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC); Milton Halem

0934114 Georgia Tech; David Bader

0934422 University of California, San Diego; Sheldon Brown

The purpose of this proposal is to start a new I/UCRC 'Hybrid Multicore Productivity Research (CHMPR)' with a focus on hybrid multicore computing and research on parallel processing algorithms as well as technology-driven research questions. The lead of the proposed Center is UMBC with site locations at Georgia Tech (GT) and the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).

The proposed Center plans to develop, test, and optimize prototypes of computationally intensive applications. A key contribution of the Center will be the implementation of prototype applications on new architectures and comparative performance analysis. This Center is needed to advance knowledge both in high-performance computing as well as computer architecture communities. The PIs are well qualified and the access to resources is excellent. The combined computing facilities at UMBC and GT, respectively, are the largest most advanced Cell Broadband Engine based multicore university systems available today.

The proposed Center will address the future needs of the computer industry as this new hybrid multicore processor technology evolves. The proposed Center will provide faculty and students the unique opportunity to gain hands-on expertise to address a wide variety of practical, hybrid multicore applications in areas of climate prediction, defense, biomedical informatics, 3-D graphic environments, finance and social computing. The Center has described efforts to increase participation of underrepresented groups, and there are plans to publish the results of research and education projects within an online Hybrid Multicore Knowledge Repository.

Effective start/end date8/15/097/31/12


  • National Science Foundation: $126,000.00


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