Conference on Frontiers in Applied and Computational Mathematics (FACM-2022): New Perspectives in Mathematical Biology

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This award supports participation of graduate and undergraduate students, junior faculty and postdoctoral fellows in the Conference on Frontiers in Applied and Computational Mathematics (FACM-2022): New Perspectives in Mathematical Biology conference, held May 20-21, 2022, at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) in Newark, New Jersey. This conference will bring together researchers applying advanced mathematical modeling tools to diverse problems in the life sciences ranging from cell biology to collective behavior of biological populations, allowing them to share ideas and form new connections across disciplines to tackle challenging problems of broad scientific and societal importance. The conference will host approximately 100 participants, with at least 70% of attendees comprising students, postdocs, and early-career faculty. Travel support will be specifically targeted to support the participation of junior researchers, particularly those from groups under-represented in mathematics and the life sciences, helping in the advancement of their career paths.

This conference is part of the series of annual conferences 'Frontiers in Applied and Computational Mathematics'' (FACM) held annually at NJIT. In the years since the first FACM meeting, held in 2004. This year the conference will focus on several specific but sufficiently broad areas of mathematical and computational modeling in the life sciences, spanning multiple levels of organization: (1) emergent collective behavior in large biological populations, (2) machine learning and data-science approaches in the study of biofluids, (3) learning paradigms in biological and artificial neuronal networks, and (4) stochastic modeling in biology at different scales. The conference will also highlight the most cutting-edge modeling approaches in the life sciences that combine data science techniques with the tools of applied and computational mathematics. Bringing together researchers working in these diverse fields will lead to important cross-pollination of ideas and new collaborations that may not otherwise be possible. Further, the conference would expose junior researchers (graduate and undergraduates students, postdoctoral fellows, and early career faculty) to these fundamental questions and the advanced inter-disciplinary tools for addressing these challenges, which they will use in their studies and future careers in science and technology.

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Effective start/end date5/1/224/30/23


  • National Science Foundation: $32,182.00


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