Convergence HTF: Workshop on Converging Human and Technological Perspectives in Crowdsourcing Research

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Intelligent, interactive, and highly networked machines -- with which people increasingly interact -- are a growing part of the landscape, particularly in regard to work. As automation today moves from the factory floor to knowledge and service occupations, research is needed to reap the benefits in increased productivity and increased job opportunities, and to mitigate social costs. The workshop supported by this award will promote the convergence of computer science, data management, machine learning, education, and the social and behavioral sciences to define key challenges and research imperatives of the nexus of humans, technology, and work. Convergence is the deep integration of knowledge, theories, methods, and data from multiple fields to form new and expanded frameworks for addressing scientific and societal challenges and opportunities. This convergence workshop addresses the future of work at the human-technology frontier.

The specific focus of this workshop is on crowdsourcing -- the production of networked knowledge from public participation. This is a new area of research, gaining attention from researchers who study human-computer interactions, data management, machine learning, human behavior, and business. This workshop will bring together researchers from these and other relevant communities to (1) synthesize the diverse perspectives found in these different fields, (2) integrate different knowledge, theories and data to create a transdisciplinary and convergent research roadmap, and (3) catalyze new research directions and advance scientific discovery and innovation in crowdsourcing research. The workshop will also contribute toward broadening participation in this area of research by proactively seeking inclusion of traditionally underrepresented persons.

Effective start/end date9/15/1712/31/18


  • National Science Foundation: $49,124.00


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