CRI: 'SmartCampus' - A Wireless Mobile Community System with People-To-People-To-Places Services

Project: Research project

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Proposal: CNS 0454081

PI: Constantine Manikopoulos

Institution: New Jersey Institute of Technology

Program: NSF 04-588 CISE Computing Research Infrastructure

CRI: 'SmartCampus' A Wireless Mobile Community System with People-To-People-To- Places Services

This project will create a mobile, wireless NJIT campus community system that will serve as a dispersed laboratory for the study of location-based, online communities with People-To-People-To-Places (P3) Services, in terms of: 1) community building; 2) co-ordination of mobile teams; 3) user privacy [personal location data]; and 4) security. This campus-wide facility will allow the integration of activities across many laboratories and enable anywhere, anytime participation by both students and faculty. SmartCampus will aid the analysis and understanding of the underlying technical and social issues and their interactions, taking into account rising privacy concerns. The latter will be addressed from two perspectives: 1) improving system security and trust with the development of ConexGuard, a novel SmartCampus security-on-demand framework for its heterogeneous environment, and 2) creating privacy-sensitive applications that exploit relevant contextual factors - properties of people and places, and relationships between them - thus addressing issues distinct to P3-Systems. The team includes social scientists, computer scientists and electrical engineers in an interdisciplinary effort addressing issues of emerging interest - particularly privacy in community systems. Broader impacts include education and field testing in Newark New jersey.

Effective start/end date7/15/057/31/11


  • National Science Foundation: $807,998.00


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