Development of Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry for the Study of Protein Redox Chemistry and Protein Structures

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With support from the Chemical Measurement and Imaging (CMI) program in the Division of Chemistry and the Molecular Biophysics Program from the Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences, Dr. Hao Chen and his group at Ohio University are developing powerful new analytical tools for the fundamental study of protein chemistry, with long-term aims of probing protein functions in living cells and organisms. The study seeks new methods for rapid elucidation of protein structures and insights into the mechanisms of electrochemical reactions involving proteins. The work provides research opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students, including members of underrepresented groups. Dr. Chen is also actively involved in educational outreach activities, including ChemShows/Workshops/Seminars for pre-college students to learn about modern instrumental analysis and to develop enthusiasm for scientific research.

In this project, Dr. Chen's group is combining mass spectrometry (MS) and electrochemistry (EC) techniques for the study of protein redox reactions. The aim is a powerful tool for identification of the protein electrochemical reaction products and intermediates. One specific target is to combine fast and selective cleavage of disulfide bond linkages in a protein (via electroreduction) with MS analysis to enable protein sequencing and disulfide bond mapping. The work is also probing biomolecular electron transfer pathways for increased understanding of cellular oxidative stress and similar phenomena.

Effective start/end date8/15/185/31/21


  • National Science Foundation: $313,493.00


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