Discovery Projects award

  • Kliewer, Joerg (PI)
  • Ong, Lawrence (CoPI)
  • Yeoh, Phee Lep (CoPI)
  • Johnson, Sarah (CoPI)

Project: Research project

Project Details


Information-theoretic secure communications via caching. This project aims to address the cybersecurity problem of securing telecommunication networks to prevent data leakage. Current widely-adopted data-encryption approaches to secure communications will be broken with large-scale quantum computers, and existing information-theoretic approaches rely on the channel quality of the network. To circumvent these risks, this project proposes a new information security approach using information cached at devices to camouflage data. The project will future-proof secure communication systems against large-scale quantum computers, which threaten current encryption approaches. This should ensure that data transmitted over communication networks can never be revealed to interceptors or hackers, even in public WiFi.

Effective start/end date4/18/196/30/22


  • Australian Research Council: $307,592.00


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