Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of Right-angle Geared Rotor System

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Teik C. Lim, The University of Alabama

Proposal Number: 9978581

Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of Right-angle Geared Rotor System

The objective of this research project is to perform analytical modeling and computational analysis of the dynamic transmission error excitation and coupled torsional-lateral vibrations of right-angle geared rotor systems. This class of power transmission system is commonly used in automotive and rotorcraft drive-train applications because of its ability to transmit high torque levels and rotational motion in the perpendicular direction. However, the geared systems are quite susceptible to dynamic response amplification that causes undesirable noise and damaging structural fatigue. In this study, the nonlinear time and spatial-varying gear mesh-coupling model of the gear pair system is developed. The formulation includes the effects of tooth geometry and flexibility, angular rotation, and multi-tooth meshing process. Also, the system dynamic response subject to transmission error excitation and input torque fluctuation is computed. The analysis specifically examines the significance of time-varying mesh stiffness, clearance non-linearity, friction excitation, and variation of the tooth engagement process. The proposed research is expected to significantly enhance the understanding of transmission error excitation generation and its effect on the system response. In addition, the information and knowledge from this research are expected to contribute to the advancement of right-angle drive-train technology and development of newer generation power transmission systems with superior dynamic characteristics.

Effective start/end date9/15/998/31/03


  • National Science Foundation: $150,000.00


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