Earthquakes and Architects: A State-of-Practice Knowledge Base

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This research effort will develop a state-of-practice knowledge base on effective seismic design of buildings specifically directed at an audience of practicing architects and faculty in university-based schools of architecture. Although a great deal of new information has been generated in the subject area over the last decade, it has not been systematically developed into a comprehensive, up to date, and useful information base. The project will generate this information base through an interrelated series of tasks which will: * assemble and critique a state-of-practice data base on the architectural aspects of seismic design, concentrating on information developed over the last 10 years; * identify gaps within this data base; * conduct research to address those gaps that can be filled within the scope and time frame of the project; * develop recommendations for addressing those topics requiring longer term efforts; * develop a series of subject-specific final reports which will constitute the first comprehensive knowledge base on the architectural aspects of seismic design available in over a decade. The information developed by this project will constitute a significant addition to the knowledge base in the subject area and, judging from recent activities within the AIA and the profession, will be effectively transferable to practicing architects, faculty and students.

Effective start/end date6/1/9112/31/93


  • National Science Foundation: $89,350.00


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