Fabrication and Characterization of YBCO Thin Films for Photoinduced Superconductivity Studies

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9414466 Federici Growth and electrical/optical characterization of YBCO thin films for photoinduced superconductivity will be carried out. In high transition temperature copper oxide superconductors, contrary to expectation, experimental evidence has indicated that interaction of a light pulse with the superconductor actually enhances the superconducting properties of the material. The purpose of this research is to experimentally differentiate between competing models of the photoinduced superconductivity mechanism by correlating it with the sample's luminescent, optical + electrical properties, and to apply that knowledge in the design and demonstration of novel optically-controlled superconducting devices. The project will support a PhD student who shall perform YBCO thin fabrication and Hall measurements at the Army's EPSD research facility in Fort Monmouth, NJ. ***

Effective start/end date9/1/946/30/97


  • National Science Foundation: $111,767.00


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