Foveal Machine Vision for Mobile Robots Using Agent Based Gaze Control

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WPC 2 B P V ` Courier 10cpi | x ? x x x , k x 6 X @ 8 ; X @ 3 ' 3 ' 3 ' 3 ' 4 < D ' 4 < D ` h p x # x 6 X @ C X @# III 9362112 Bandera, Cesar Amherst Systems Incorporated ` h p x ` h p x $0 12 mos. (Jointly funded with the Small Business Innovation Research Total Award $65,000) ` h p x ` h p x Foveal Machine Vision for Mobile Robots Using Agent Based Gaze Control An attention mechanism can influence system behavior and performance only to the extent to which system resources are allocatable. A key robot visual system resource is acuity, and yet this is fixed in conventional uniform acuity machine vision; regions with little or no relevance t o the robot's mission are sampled at the same resolution as key features, occupying valuable signal bandwidth and computational resources, and increasing system latencies. Foveal active vision features imaging sensors and signal processing with graded acuity, and context sensitive sensor gaze control, analogous to that prevalent throughout vertebrate vision. Foveal systems operate more efficiently because resolution is treated as a dynamically allocatable resource. Wide field of view, localized high acuity, and fast frame rates are achieved while minimizing irrelevant sensor data. This research project will prototype a mobile robot foveal vision system which relies on an agent based, grounded, layered architecture with integrated reasoning for gaze control. This architecture will facilitate the development of successful active vision behaviors (sensor pointing and platform motion). Learning techniques will be investigated which accelerate attentive active vision behaviors by evolving them into preattentive responses. # x \ P C X P#

Effective start/end date4/1/943/31/95


  • National Science Foundation: $74,954.00


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