GEO OSE Track 1: SUNCAST: Software Unified Collaboration for Advancing Solar Tomography

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The Software UNified Collaboration for Advancing Solar Tomography (SUNCAST) project aims to revolutionize the understanding of the solar corona volume. The solar corona plays a vital role in the space environment and can impact technological infrastructure (e.g., telecommunications). SUNCAST will develop a powerful software framework that combines cutting-edge algorithms with high-quality data from ground-based and space-based observations. This framework will provide researchers and the public with unprecedented insights into the physical diversity of the solar corona. By making the software open-source and user-friendly, SUNCAST will enable scientists, students, and educators to collaborate and explore the vast potential of solar physics. The project will also provide training opportunities for students and early career scientists, fostering the next generation of solar researchers. In addition to its scientific significance, SUNCAST will have broader impacts on education, diversity, and the enhancement of solar research infrastructure. This project offers a major leap in the quest to understand the complexities of the Sun and its impact on the Earth.The SUNCAST project aims to develop a comprehensive, open-source software framework for solar coronal tomography. This framework will integrate state-of-the-art algorithms, multi-wavelength observations, and advanced 3D modeling techniques to create a centralized platform for data analysis and modeling. By upgrading and scaling the existing software to a cloud-based, high-performance computing architecture, SUNCAST will enhance its accessibility, speed, and efficiency, enabling wider use and faster results. The software will be designed using modern software engineering practices to ensure its long-term sustainability. By leveraging existing software resources developed by the team and collaborators, SUNCAST will build upon a strong foundation of expertise and knowledge. The open-source nature of the software, combined with its user-friendly interface, will facilitate collaboration among researchers and promote interdisciplinary research. The plug-in architecture will allow seamless integration of user-contributed customized codes, expanding the functionality and utility of the framework. SUNCAST will also provide training programs to empower researchers with the necessary skills to utilize the software effectively. Through these efforts, SUNCAST will advance the field of solar tomography, promote best practices, and foster the development of a diverse and skilled workforce in solar research.This award reflects NSF's statutory mission and has been deemed worthy of support through evaluation using the Foundation's intellectual merit and broader impacts review criteria.
Effective start/end date9/15/238/31/25


  • National Science Foundation: $399,949.00


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