GOALI: Fabrication and Electronic Properties of Nanocrystalline Silicon Superlattices

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This GOALI project is a collaborative research activity between Motorola and the University of Rochester. The project addresses fundamental materials science synthesis and processing issues, fabrication, and exploratory applications of Si nanocrystal layered structures. Structural characterization, and modeling of the role of surface and interface stress in controlled a-Si recrystallization and related issues such as Si nanocrystal size distribution, positioning including lateral separation, crystallographic orientation, and surface passivation will be studied. Silicon quantum dot electronics, including high-density memory cells and other devices based on single-electron phenomena will be evaluated. The research will be performed by several investigators from the University of Rochester and Motorola in collaboration with Rochester Institute of Technology, the National Research Council, Ottawa, Canada, and the Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC. The program represents a partnership between academic institutions, government laboratories, and industry, yielding a collaboration between technologists, experimentalists, and theorists to address basic issues in silicon nanoscale materials science and technology.


The project addresses basic research issues in a topical area of materials science having high potential technological relevance. The research will contribute basic materials science knowledge at a fundamental level to important fabrication aspects of electronic/photonic devices. The basic knowledge and understanding gained from the research is expected to contribute to improving the perform-ance of advanced devices and circuits for computing and communications. An important feature of the program is the integration of research and education through the training of students in a fundamentally and technologically significant area. Educational features of the project include special opportunities for students from the University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology to experience academic and industrial research perspectives and approaches, and access to special instrumentation and facilities. The project is co-supported by the MPS OMA(Office of Multidisciplinary Activities).


Effective start/end date7/1/9911/30/01


  • National Science Foundation: $260,570.00


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