I-Corps: Nanomedicine As Treatment For Drug-Resistant Bacteria

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The broader impact/commercial potential of this I-Corps project is to treat an enormous healthcare danger, infections caused by drug resistance bacteria. The serious threat of drug resistant bacteria, including E. coli, MRSA and K. pneumonia, jeopardizes the health and wellbeing on a global population. Achievement of this development as well as commercializing the product will provide an effective way of delivering therapeutics to multidrug resistant bacteria infections, improving the life quality of patients worldwide. Global healthcare will be greatly improved, benefiting society and saving lives of many patients who currently suffer from drug resistant bacteria.This I-Corps project will produce an effective antibacterial drug delivery platform to combat multidrug resistant bacterial infections. Although numerous antimicrobial drugs have been developed with therapeutic efficacy, inefficient delivery is a significant issue due to the antibiotic resistance. An innovative nanomedicine approach is created to encapsulate current antimicrobial drugs in targeted nanoparticles to efficiently delivery drugs and combat the antibiotic resistance. This advanced technology will not only improve healthcare, but also enhance scientific and technological understanding of nanoparticle drug delivery systems in treating antibiotic resistance bacteria infections. This drug delivery system has great potential to advance knowledge as it may be altered to treat many other illnesses if successful.
Effective start/end date3/1/1711/30/18


  • National Science Foundation


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