Imaging Microwave Spectroscopy of the Sun with the Owens Valley Solar Array

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This research will analyze hundreds of flare events already observed, as well as additional events yet to come as solar activity increases. The flare work will measure plasma parameters such as electron spatial and energy distributions, magnetic field strength, and ambient density in single or multiple flare sources for a large number of events. The PI will obtained improved snapshot images from both current and future burst data using a new spatial/spectral MEM algorithm, hence obtaining improved spectra from which to extract these physical parameters. In addition, he will study active regions as they rotate across the disk, employing techniques such as stereoscopy and the spatial/spectral MEM reconstruction, potentially giving the height structure of stable active regions viewed from different aspect angles as the Sun rotates.

Effective start/end date11/15/9610/31/97


  • National Science Foundation: $146,046.00


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