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The Industry/University Cooperative Reseach Center (I/UCRC) for Software Engineering at Purdue University is adding the West Virginia University as a research site.

The I/UCRC's research agenda addresses: 1.) Reliability Predicition in Early Design, 2.) Data Quality, 3.) Testing Distributed Systems, 4.) Software Evolution, 5.) Integration of Software Process Models and Metrics, 6.) Spotlighting the Code: A SERC Technology Development and Transfer Project, 7.) Metrics Directed Verification of Motorola SDL Designs, 8.) Managing Consistency in Software Specifications, 9.) An Integrated Cost Model for Software Reuse: Design and Implementation, 10.) Requirements Validation Using Specification Animation and 11.) Tool Support for the Development of Pattern-oriented Design Frameworks.

Effective start/end date9/15/998/31/04


  • National Science Foundation: $250,000.00


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