Integration of Environmental Chemistry and Good Laboratory Practices Into Undergraduate Curriculum

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Chemistry (12)

This project makes use of an atomic absorption spectrophotometer and an accelerated solvent extraction system to improve the delivery of course content and integrate environmental chemistry and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) into the curriculum. Experiments from standard literature and GLPs which reflect industry-based standards are being adapted for use in the curriculum. Connections between chemistry principles and real-life problem-solving skills are presented early in the training process. Experiments are designed to introduce students to essential components of real-world analysis including regulatory requirements, quality assurance, and information management. Three major areas are targeted, including sophomore level quantitative analysis, upper-level instrumental analysis, and undergraduate research experience. Typical laboratory exercise involves sample collection and handling, in line with EPA's GLP principles. The immediate impact includes (i) improved classroom learning resulting from experiences which show the relevance of science to real life, (ii) exposure of students to GLP elements such as quality assurance and statistical analysis, (iii) increased availability and use of high quality analytical instrumentation. Evaluation plans include use of an external evaluator, survey instruments to assess both the cognitive and affective aspects of student learning, exam performance, informal discussions with students, as well as feedback from instructors. Dissemination plans involve the development of laboratory manuals and publication of key results of the GLP-based environmental analysis in technical journals.

Effective start/end date1/1/0012/31/01


  • National Science Foundation: $53,204.00


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