International Experience and Students Exchange Program Between the United States and South Africa

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9812498 Egbelu This project contributes to the establishment of a collaborative exchange program at the postgraduate level between the United States and the Republic of South Africa in the area of manufacturing research and education. It supports graduate students traveling from the United States to South Africa during the summer of 1998 to perform research under the supervision of South African faculty who are collaborating with their counter parts in the U.S. Similarly, funds are to be provided by the Foundation for Research Development in South Africa for support of South African students traveling to the United States under the collaborative effort. This activity is developed as a follow-up of the U.S.-South Africa Manufacturing Research and Education Collaboration Workshops held in March and May of 1997. The activity is an excellent development extended from the recent U.S.-South Africa Manufacturing Research and Education Collaboration Workshops. The collaborative exchange program is especially beneficial in developing the international perspective of participating students and promoting cultural understanding in research and education.

Effective start/end date7/1/986/30/00


  • National Science Foundation: $54,875.00


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