IUCRC for Combined Anaerobic-Aerobic Treatment of Halogenated Organic Compounds Using a Lignite Char Support

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The project implements an Industry/University/Government Cooperative Research Program between the United States and the United Kingdom. The program will couple the New Jersey Institute of Technology in the US with the Queens University of Belfast in the UK. The ultimate objective of this joint effort is to couple the Environmental Science and Technology Research Center at Queens University, (established in 1989) with the I/UCRC for Hazardous Waste Management at NJIT. The joint research program is to study the potential of lignite and lignite derived activated carbons as solid absorbents to provide a support-matrix for treatment of waste water streams using microbiological process to degrade organic toxic constituents. Additional support is provided for an evaluation activity in studying the industry/university interaction occurring in both Centers as well as the interaction between the Centers. The British Science and Engineering Research Council has reviewed and funded the Irish (UK) component of this collaborative effort at approximately $240,000 over a three year period. The Program Manager recommends that the New Jersey Institute of Technology be awarded $80,000 for first year of a three-year continuing award. This project is being coordinated with the National Science Foundation's Division of International Programs. Also, $8,000 is awarded for the first year of three-year continuing award for an evaluator function.

Effective start/end date9/1/911/31/96


  • National Science Foundation: $263,934.00


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