I/UCRC for Deformation and Yielding Mechanisms in PVC BlendsUsing Speckle and Moire Interferometry

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This Research Opportunity Award funds a project 'Deformation and Yielding Mechanisms in Rubber-Modified PVC Blends Using Speckle and Moire Interferometry' at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University in support of Case Western Reserve University's Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Applied Polymers. This two year project is reporting to the Center's Industry Advisory Board. The mechanism of deformation and yielding in toughened polyvinylchlorine blends with chlorinated polyethylene is being investigated. Grating objective speckle and moire interferometry techniques are identifying regions of elastic and plastic deformation to develop the criteria for stress-whitening based on the components of stress on the elastic/plastic interface. The Principal Investigators are competent and have the facilities to perform the research. The Program Manager recommends that Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University be awarded $99,979 for a two (2) year project.

Effective start/end date8/1/907/31/92


  • National Science Foundation: $99,979.00


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