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An international research conference on electronic materials, devices and systems for a sustainable future will be held at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Thuwal, Saudi Arabia during February 14-16, 2015. The National Science Foundation award will support the travel expenses for six excellent junior faculty members, postdocs and graduating students in addition to four professors of various levels form the United States to attend this international research conference. This conference is the second of this kind and the first conference was held in 2014 at KAUST on Research on Electronic Materials, Devices and Systems for a Sustainable Future. The purpose of the 2015 international conference is to continue the positive momentum garnered from the 2014 assembly of the global scientific community at a common stage to steer discussion towards scientific and engineering research progress in the area of sustainable future for the benefit of mankind. The US participants will constitute women, minority and underrepresented groups. There will be a session on Bright Minds where minority group member(s) including but not limited to women, African-American, Hispanic, will be engaged. Two women professors, Prof. Diana Huffaker of University of California, Los Angeles and Prof. Jackie Ying (MIT/A*STAR) have confirmed their participation in a special session on Women In Science and Engineering (WISE). In addition, numerous local women engineer, scientists, students and researchers including participants from women- only Effat University (Jeddah) and Umm Ul Qura University (Makkah). KAUST has a little over 40% women student population and 10% faculty population and many of them are participating in the conference. Researchers from the neighboring countries of Saudi Arabia will also participate in this international conference. This international conference provides an important incentive for participating graduating students, postdocs and junior faculty in the formation of scientists to be leading technological developments in the new millennium. The intrinsic educational value of the symposium is that it will expose the students to the cutting edge research in electronic devices, materials and systems including electromechanical systems, as the speakers constitute an international body of luminaries in these fields. This is a great opportunity for graduate students to make additional contacts with industrial, academic and especially KAUST researchers. This international event, therefore, will contribute significantly to the society.

Technical Description: The proposed international conference will gather world leading researchers, mid-career and rising stars, and the KAUST research community to exchange ideas and to foster a collaborative platform to pursue fundamental and applied research in the area of electronic devices, materials and systems focusing on sustainable future. The objective and goal of this conference is to highlight and to bridge the gap between the complementary growth of electronics and information technology and to explore what more can be done to use such pervasive technologies for sustainable future. Disciplines like (i) chemical and biological science and engineering; (ii) Environmental science and engineering; (iii) marine science; (iv) electrical and computer engineering; and (v) material science and engineering will be covered. Sensors, smart devices, energy harvesting, storage, and cyber-physical systems will be some of the important topics that are planned to be discussed in the conference. Some of the tangible outcomes are: a) Establishing a culture of sustainability-focused high-tech research; b) Attracting bright young minds from all over the world for exchange of ideas; c) Promoting science-engineering education and research through collaboration; d) Promoting the participation and contribution of women in science and engineering.
This conference will be jointly funded by CCSS/EECS/ENG and ISE-Global Venture Fund
Effective start/end date1/15/1512/31/15


  • National Science Foundation


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