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  • Jaffe, Michael (PI)

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    This Inter-American Materials Collaboration involving New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) will develop new backbone chemistries for very high performance fibers, films and plastics incorporating renewable resource monomers derived from common agricultural crops. It is expected that these materials will have the density of common plastics yet exhibit the strength and stiffness usually associated with metals. The basic building block of the proposed research is isosorbide, a glucose derived chemical (glucose is a common product of either starch or cellulose fermentation) which can be incorporated into the backbone of polyesters and other common polymers. These materials are expected to be renewable, load bearing, lightweight, environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

    This project explores the science behind achieving very high mechanical and thermal performance in polymeric materials. The relationship between ordered polymer liquids (liquid crystal polymers) and high performance polymeric products is well established. This project will lead to new understanding of the relationship between polymer backbone chemistry, liquid crystal phase creation and liquid crystalline polymer performance. Specifically: this project focuses on:

    The identification of new, controlled stereochemistry mesogenic and disrupting monomers from renewable resources

    Increased definition of how backbone chemistry defines LC phase structure, chain interactions and entanglements, rheology and solid state mechanical properties

    Amplification of how processing and annealing interacts with backbone chemistry to define LCP performance

    The program builds a strong and sustainable program between UNAM and NJIT, providing a forum for scientific cooperation between the US and Mexico over a broad range of physical science and engineering area. This research provides an avenue for exchange of personnel ranging from senior faculty to high school students

    Effective start/end date8/15/097/31/13


    • National Science Foundation: $458,407.00


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