MRI: Acquisition of a low-temperature spectroscopic system with a nanometer spatial resolution

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Proposal Number: 0521087

PI Name: Tsybeskov, Leonid

PI Institution: New Jersey Institute of Technology

Intellectual Merit: This grant will fund the acquisition of a low-temperature scanning probe microscope (SPM) tip, which the PI intends to use as the core of a new system for low-temperature optical spectroscopy at the nanometer level, using new design principles developed and tested in previous work. The new system in turn will be applied to research in a variety of nanotechnology areas - quantum dot photodetectors and emitters, nanowire-based devices, nano-magnetics, molecular electron devices, etc.

Broader Impacts: This group will be working in partnership with two industrial collaborators - Lucent Bell Laboratories and TQ Optoelectronics - to develop and use the new system. They will develop new courses, practical training and outreach at NJIT. The outreach program will offer opportunities to students and teachers at Newark Central High School and Orange Middle School, and will offer strong participation of under-represented minorities.

Effective start/end date8/15/057/31/07


  • National Science Foundation: $207,500.00


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