MRI: Acquisition of Fiber-Pigtailed THz Spectroscopy and Imaging System

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Proposal Number: 0521427

Proposal Title: Acquisition of Fiber-Pigtailed THz Spectroscopy and Imaging System

PI Name: Federici, John F.

PI Institution: New Jersey Institute of Technology

Intellectual Merit: The PI will purchase a T-Ray 2000 Terahertz system. They plan to combine this system with terahertz photonic crystals, in order to develop ultraminiaturized spectrometers and to explore the possibility of terahertz receivers and transmitters as a new solution for very-short-range wireless communications.

Broader Impacts: Two new laboratory modules will be developed to use this instrument in upper level undergraduate and graduate courses. One will emphasize applications to nondestructive evaluation and sensing. The other will emphasize the filtering properties of photonic crystals. An industry collaboration with Picometrix may facilitate the broader dissemination of this new technology.

Effective start/end date8/15/057/31/06


  • National Science Foundation: $281,000.00


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