Optimal utilization of energy storage in distribution systems

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Wind and solar are clean and secure energy sources, but are intermittent: their power outputs are difficult topredict and control. Energy storage can crucially absorb renewable energy intermittency and enhance theoverall performance of power systems. In particularly, storage can provide multiple services such as loadshifting, regulation, and voltage support. Effectively utilizing energy storage is a complex control problem thatcalls for new algorithms for (i) simultaneously providing multiple services with a single storage, and (ii) doingso with multiple storages in a coordinated, decentralized fashion. This timely application will provide theresources for a new research partnership with a leading electrical utility that is currently facing the above twochallenges. Specifically, this proposal aims to construct tractable, rigorous algorithmic tools to providingmultiple services with many geographically distributed energy storage devices. The proposed approachleverages powerful techniques from convex optimization and recent advances in control, includingsparsity-promoting decentralized control. The results of the proposed work will enable utilities in Canada andworldwide to fully leverage energy storage, enabling cost-efficient utilization and future investment.

Effective start/end date1/1/16 → …


  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada: $37,886.00


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