Origin of Oscillatory Brightenings in the Solar Chromosphere

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Abstract: ATM 9980349

Proposal Title: Origin of Oscillatory Brightenings in the Solar Chromosphere

Principal Investigator: Martin Woodard, New Jersey Institute of Technology

The investigators will determine the nature of the connection between recurrent, localized flashes of Calcium-II emission in the solar chromosphere and the underlying magnetohydrodynamics of the photosphere. Hydrodynamic models of stellar atmospheres suggest that these 'cell flashes' are a product of shocks generated by seismic events in the photosphere. The main effort is to use magnetograms and other optical observations made at Big Bear Solar Observatory to investigate the relationship of the flashes to magnetic fields in the quiet solar chromosphere. A series of spatially co-registered images of Iron emission from the Vacuum Tower Telescope at Sacramento Peak Observatory will be used to map acoustic surges, which are a type of seismic event previously identified. By comparing observed locations and times of acoustic surges and cell flashes the investigators will look for evidence of a spatial and temporal correlations between the two phenomena.

Effective start/end date4/1/009/30/02


  • National Science Foundation: $143,152.00


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