Particulate Technology in Manufacturing Processes

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9420597 Pfeffer ABSTRACT A concentration of courses in Particulate Technology is proposed. It will consist of three courses: {SYMBOL 183 \f 'Symbol' \s 13 \h} Introduction of Particle Technology: Fundamentals and Applications {SYMBOL 183 \f 'Symbol' \s 13 \h} Current Research in Particle Technology {SYMBOL 183 \f 'Symbol' \s 13 \h} Experiments and Simulations in Particulate Flows. The courses will be based on the recent research of the PIs and their colleagues in the particle technology research community. The collective work of the PIs come from a wide range of areas such as discrete element modeling, experimental studies of dry bulk solids, N-body hydrodynamics and sedimentation, dust filtration, theoretical studies in solid-liquid flows, agglomeration and granulation in fluidized beds, pattern recognition and cluster analysis, image analysis, and design of mechanical experiments. Most of the research results are relatively recent and cannot be found in text-books. The objective of this proposal is to incorporate these results into the engineering curriculum. ***

Effective start/end date10/1/949/30/98


  • National Science Foundation: $315,000.00


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