Particulate Technology in the Undergraduate Curriculum

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9354671 Pfeffer This curriculum development effort deals with two courses, namely: 'Introduction to Particle Technology: Fundamentals and Applications (lecture course); and 'Experiments and Simulations in Particulate Flows' (laboratory course). The project represents a collaboration between NJIT, other universities, industry, governmental laboratories and professional societies as evidenced by supporting letters. It will be interdisciplinary effort involving professors from Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics, undergraduate and graduate students, as well as industrial and governmental experts in the field. The courses in particulate flows can be adapted at other universities. Course notes, lab manuals, user-friendly simulations, video tapes of experiments and computer animations will be developed and disseminated. The courses will incorporate into the undergraduate engineering curriculum the current research of the PI's and their colleagues. It is estimated that 30 undergraduates yearly will complete at least one of the two course sequence. The incorporation of some of the experiments of the laboratory course into the standard laboratory courses will impact as many as 250 undergraduates at NJIT per year.

Effective start/end date7/1/946/30/97


  • National Science Foundation: $90,000.00


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