Requirements, Model and Prototype for a Multi-Utility Locational and Security Information Hub

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Even if they are hosted in sophisticated Geographic information Systems (GIS) systems, the asset management systems maintained by various utilities are often plagued by information incompleteness and inaccuracy. The locational information is often based on approximate design data that differ from actual 'as-built' drawings that may not be even be held by such utilities owning and maintaining underground lifeline infrastructure systems (water, wastewater, electric/power, gas, stormwater, and communications networks). This project lays the foundation for building and exchange hub for locational and security data and risk assessment of potential excavation work. It acts primarily at 2 stages: upstream of the mark-out process, as a decision to support tool to help streamline, improve and guide the mark-out to gain and preserve information gained from such field verified data, and added intelligence to each utility asset management system related to the potential proximity of other utilities, and possible criticality of proposed construction activity in a given site that puts at risk key assets.
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  • U.S. Department of Transportation: $51,948.00


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