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This project, enhancing and facilitating the establishment and operation of a network testbed, provides a wired and wireless network infrastructure to support ongoing and future research. The institution will acquire integrative research instrumentation consisting of a traffic generator/analyzer and wireless equipment, for the completion of an experimental state-of-the-art testbed. The high end traffic generator/ analyzer services the analysis and measurement of results of applied methods in the network, under traffic conditions that highly approximate the scenarios in actual realistic core networks, providing the capability of enhancing models by comparing them against real-life experimental data. The wireless access points and the mobile computers/devices supporting different wireless access technologies will not only support research efforts in the area of wireless networking, but enable the study of the user's end-to-end performance in a realistic hybrid networking environment as well. The current research projects place emphasis on the implementation of novel schemes for QoS networks, switch architectures, and network processing units needed to cope with current and future demands of the Internet evolution. The work addresses feasibility and deployability issues of network protocols, schemes, and applications in the next generation Internet, offering seamless integrated services and emulating the future hybrid network environments where wireless access and networking technologies take significant roles. Developed mechanisms are then tested for inter-operation of wireline and wireless solutions. The infrastructure supports the following research projects:

Dynamic Network Anomaly/Attack Detection and Management,

Deployment and Implementation of Explicit Endpoint Admission Control Schemes,

Scalable Internet Routers, and

Wireless Access Networks.

Broader Impact: The infrastructure contributes to provide education and training in next generation Internet technologies.

Effective start/end date9/15/048/31/06


  • National Science Foundation: $50,000.00


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