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The Department of Mathematical Sciences and the Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics (CAMS) at the New Jersey Institute of Technology will purchase a four-processor server. This equipment will be dedicated to the support of research by faculty and graduate students in the mathematical sciences. The equipment will be used for several projects, including the following:

1. 'Applications of computational solid mechanics,'

Dawn Lott-Crumpler,

2. 'Efficient finite-difference methods for dispersive linear waves,'

Jonathan H. C. Luke,

3. 'Time domain processing of underwater signals,'

Zoi-Heleni Michalopoulou,

4. 'Mobility control of surfactant retarded bubbles or drops,'

Demetrios T. Papageorgiou,

5. Surfactant effects in free-surface flows,

Michael Siegel.

Effective start/end date8/1/987/31/00


  • National Science Foundation: $61,297.00


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