Scientific Computing Research Environments for the Mathematical Sciences (SCREMS)

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The Department of Mathematical Sciences and Center for Applied Mathematics

and Statistics at the New Jersey Institute of Technology will

purchase an eight node (sixteen processor) Alpha Beowolf cluster which

will be dedicated to the support of research in the mathematical sciences.

The equipment will be used for several projects, including in particular:

1. What lessons from small neuronal networks apply to larger ones?

Victoria Booth, Amithaba Bose, and Farzan Nadim.

2. Numerical solutions of mixed functional differential equations

Christopher Elmer.

3. Time-dependent oxygen transport from microvascular networks

Daniel Goldman.

4. Pattern formation in thin liquid film flows

Lou Kondic.

5. Full numerical simulation of microwave-enhanced chemical vapor

infiltration processing

Burt Tilley.

Effective start/end date9/1/018/31/02


  • National Science Foundation: $45,647.00


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