Segregation in Granular Flows Symposium, June 5-10, 1998 in Cape May, NJ

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Partial travel support for speakers at the IUTAM Symposium 'Segregation in Granular Flow', June 5-10, 1999 in Cape May, NJ, is provided. Evaluation of the current research results in a field in development and improving interdisciplinary and international interactions are the main objectives. Engineers, physicists and mathematicians will identify common principles and approaches. The symposium is organized into three technical sessions, including experiments, analytical theories and computational approaches. Established and young researchers from over ten countries will participate. There will be about 25 speakers and 50 participants. The conference proceedings will be prepared following the meeting, and published by Kluwer Academic Press. This workshop is addressing a less understood phenomenon in granular flow, and has a significant industrial relevance. The workshop is expected to be an interactive forum for participants, particularly young researchers, to debate actual technical issues, collaborations and professional activities.

Effective start/end date1/15/9912/31/99


  • National Science Foundation: $5,000.00


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