Sensors: Narrow Band, Broad Band and Low Pass Metal Mesh Filters for sensors in the IR to THz region and instant multiple wavelength detection of chemical agents [NJIT_FY05_015]

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Grebel, Haim

This research program will develop new concepts for producing infrared filters for sensors based on integrated circuit microstructure technology. These components will be used in infrared through millimeter wave applications for remote sensing instruments in astrophysics, planetary, and space science. Infrared filters play an integral role on every infrared sensor, ground-based or portable, airborne and/or space mission, yet are currently a weak link in the US infrared technology infrastructure. The group uses state-of-the-art modeling and fabrication to undertake the development. The plan is to develop and test filters for operation of all types of spectral sensors applied to a broad range of monitoring and detection systems from the visible to the THz region.

This interdisciplinary proposal is combines fundamentals of wave propagation with applications to 3-D periodic hybrid structures to produce a robust technology that serves a wide rating of sensor needs. The study will enable novel three-dimensional design of spectral filters, splitters and combiners and novel imaging devices. In addition this project will be incorporated into the interdisciplinary program of Optical Science and Engineering (OPSE) at NJIT through two new modules. The program is geared to seniors and first year graduates across the campus and combines design and laboratory work.

Effective start/end date6/1/0512/31/11


  • National Science Foundation: $486,970.00


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