SGER: Development of Multi-Media Based Laboratory Modules in Particle Technology for the Undergraduate Core Laboratory Curriculum

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R.N. Dave, NJIT

The objective is to develop particle technology education in the core undergraduate laboratory courses of chemical and mechanical engineering at NJIT, and provide reference materials to other universities and industrial sites. The outcomes from a Combined Research Curriculum Development (CRCD) project, the experience gained in both departments, and two major industrial partners (Malvern Instruments and Dow Chemicals Co.) will be used for the preparation of several particle technology education modules based on new laboratory experiments, multimedia and internet resources. This course development will employ the experience gained with the CRCD project, the research results obtained in the two departments, and industry participation. The development of a 'virtual particle technology laboratory' is envisioned in longer term. The industrial partners will contribute to the education approach and help with its dissemination. An industry advisory board will be established. The chemical and mechanical engineering departments will make available courses with a total of 125 undergraduate students per year for this education experiment, provide laboratory support, and release time (25% of the academic year) for the P.I.

Effective start/end date9/1/9912/31/03


  • National Science Foundation: $99,133.00


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