SHF: Medium: Programmable Monitoring Framework for Multicore Systems

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The advent of multicore processors has introduced new opportunities for achieving

increased software performance, reliability, security, and availability. However,

powerful dynamic execution monitoring capabilities are required to realize these

opportunities. This project addresses the challenges of developing a Dynamic

Binary Translation based monitoring framework for parallel applications running on

multicore systems. The programmability of the framework will enable realization of

benefits in achieving enhanced performance, reliability, security, and availability.

Some of the instrumentation code required in context of parallel applications

must be executed by a core in response to events that involve other cores. In particular,

events relevant to many performance, reliability, and security related tasks correspond

to the manifestation of interprocessor data dependences due to updates of shared

memory locations by multiple cores. Based upon this observation programmable

architectural mechanisms will be provided that not only enable the detection of

interprocessor dependence events but also enable the triggering of the execution of

application specific monitoring code. This project will then employ these mechanisms

for improving performance via speculative parallelism, enabling debugging via a

novel strategy of execution suppression, improving reliability via an approach that

allows applications to automatically recover from failures, providing security via

dynamic detection of mutating viruses, and software availability via dynamic updates.

Effective start/end date9/1/108/31/14


  • National Science Foundation: $734,040.00


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