Space Weather: Solar Radio Noise and Its Effect On Wireless Communication

Project: Research project

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ABSTRACT: ATM 00-77273

Proposal Title: Solar Radio Noise and Its Effect On Wireless Communication

Principal Investigator: Dale Gary, NJIT

The investigators will specify solar radio flux density levels and fluctuations as a function of frequency and as a function of solar cycle phase. The main effort is to analyze three datasets: (1) Fixed frequency radio burst measurements observations obtained over the past forty years from a network (RSTN) operated by the United States Air Force. (2) Data from the Phoenix-2 spectrometer operated by ETH in Zurich, Switzerland. (3) The solar radio burst locator at the Owens Valley Radio Observatory. The analysis will provide statistical measures of importance to designers of modern communications systems. The analysis will also determine whether an observed saturation of RSTN data on solar events at high flux density is instrumental in origin or is inherent to the physical process on the Sun. Result of this determination are of direct interest to solar physics.

Effective start/end date8/1/006/30/04


  • National Science Foundation: $110,376.00


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