Studies of Distributed Multimedia Support for Group Collaboration via the Web

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The primary goal of this project is to build knowledge about how to maximize the effectiveness of different modes of use of multi-media, anytime/anyplace group support systems. The project will experiment with 'combination' or 'mix and match' modes used by the same group over a period of time. These are the types of systems and patterns of use which are likely to be most prevalent over the next decade, yet there are no other experiments on such a phenomenon in 212 studies published to date on group decision support systems. The research will integrate theory development, empirical research, and technology innovations, and may include controlled experiments. Other aspects to be studied may include the interaction of task and technology, the use of more sophisticated multi-criteria decision analysis tools, and the interaction of cultural characteristics with technology. The research will help to develop and integrate theories of effective computer support for collaborative work, and improve the process and outcomes of distributed collaborative work, such as software engineering work.

Effective start/end date9/15/988/31/02


  • National Science Foundation: $190,548.00


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