Studies of Solar Atmosphere and Magnetic Fields

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The investigators will conduct an extensive program of solar physics research at Big Bear Solar Observatory (BBSO) through the maximum of solar cycle 23. The main effort is to make synoptic, calibrated, comprehensive, and continuous observations of the whole sun at the highest possible resolution and cadence, as well as to come to a scientific understanding of the implications of the data obtained. The research plan emphasizes high resolution and high cadence studies of solar activity and magnetic fields. New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) took over operation of BBSO on July 1, 1997. Since that time, the observatory has undergone fundamental changes marked by significant achievements in science, instrumentation and education. The investigators have solved the long-standing dome seeing problems at BBSO, so that the observatory is now one of only two observatories in the US capable of high-resolution observations of the sun. They will use the new capability to conduct sub-arc second resolution studies of active regions and the quiet sun including comprehensive studies of vector magnetic fields in flare-producing active regions. They will also develop and deploy new instruments and facilities, such as a new generation vector magnetograph system employing state-of-the-art digital cameras, a parallel computing system for real-time speckle reconstruction, and near infrared magnetograph and imaging systems. These will employ a unique, narrow band Lyot filter and an infrared Fabry-Perot filter. As a service to the community, they will also continue the successful BBSO Activity Reports and Warnings (, and make daily full-disk data and data from the 25 cm telescope available by anonymous ftp (

Effective start/end date3/15/012/28/05


  • National Science Foundation: $801,278.00


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