Support for US Participation in Fluidization XII: New Horizons in Fluidization Engineering

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Proposal Number: CBET-0731387

Principal Investigator: Zhu, Chao

Affiliation: NJIT

Proposal Title: Support for US Participation in fluidization XII: New Horizons in Fluidization Engineering

Intellectual Merit:

This proposal seeks NSF support for the group participation of US academics in Fluidization XII, the most prestigious international conference on fluidization, which, since 1975, has been held once every three years. The rapid, emerging development of new technology and engineering applications in fluidization engineering including nanotechnology, biotechnology, clean and renewable energy, and the state-of the art design of complex reactors and designed materials makes Fluidization XII one of the most important and attractive platforms for stimulating the exchange of ideas from researchers all over the world in order to develop generic tools and theories for applications.

Broader Impact:

US academia and industry have long played a dominant role in fundamental research and industrial applications in fluidization engineering. Of the 122 papers from 27 countries in Fluidization XII, US academia and industry will contribute 15 papers, of which 10 are from 10 research groups of 9 US universities. This shows that the US has the largest and most diversified research in fluidization engineering. The active and engaged participation of US academic researchers in Fluidization XII is crucial, not only to demonstrate continued US leadership and dominance in this important area of technology, but also to explore new challenges as well as develop potential international collaborations on topics of vital interest. Fluidization XII also provides a great opportunity to enrich the education of graduate students. The participation of US graduate students in Fluidization XII will undoubtedly expand the horizons of their professional knowledge, offer fantastic research challenges, and facilitate student participation and interaction with the international communities.

Effective start/end date7/1/0712/31/07


  • National Science Foundation: $14,850.00


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