The Owens Valley Solar Array During Max '91

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It is planned to study high energy phenomena on the sun using microwave data from the Owen's Valley Solar Array (OVRO). Improved imaging capability approaching that of a subarrayed VLA, will also be available when the array is expanded to 5 elements in the near future. The many frequencies observed at OVRO also permit the use of frequency synthesis, a technique for utilizing the full spatial information available in the data. Research will be focussed on mapping and determination of brightness temperature spectra of solar flares, on determination of the position and nature of millisecond bursts, on mapping of active region brightness temperatures as a function of frequency, on VLA observations, and on analysis of data already in hand. OVRO will be an active and important participant in the Max'91 Program by operating during the current solar maximum. Outside users will also be invited to make use of the facility and the acquired data. ***

Effective start/end date7/1/909/30/93


  • National Science Foundation: $404,450.00


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