U.S.-China Cooperative Research in Solar Physics Research

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This is a three-year cooperative project between Dr. Haimin Wang, the Big Bear Solar Observatory (BBSO), and the Solar Radio Array of Owens Valley Radio Observatory (OVSA), New Jersey Institute of Technology ( NJIT) and Professor Guoxiang Ai, the Beijing National Observatory (BNO) in solar physics research. This study will use high-resolution vector magnetograph data from BBSO and BNO to monitor the magnetic structure of solar active region continuously and use newly developed fast camera systems to obtain images of solar flares. This is an important project, which can provide important continuous observations of the solar flares. A successful study can advance our discovery and understanding of solar activity. This proposal addresses an important scientific question and meets the NSF objective of human resource development. The National Science Foundation of China and the NSF jointly support this project.

Effective start/end date8/1/017/31/05


  • National Science Foundation: $44,461.00


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