US-France Cooperative Research: Local Structural Studies of Thin Manganite Films Under High Pressure and High Magnetic Fields

  • Tyson, Trevor T.A. (PI)

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This three-year award for US-France collaboration in materials research involves researchers and students at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and the Ecole National Superieure de Physique in Grenoble, France. Trevor A. Tyson in the US and Catherine Dubourdieu in France lead the joint research effort on studies of structural and transport properties in ultra-thin films. The investigators will explore the effect of high magnetic fields and high pressure on transport and local structure. The principal investigator and a graduate student will travel to Grenoble to study French techniques for growing thins films. During their visit to New Jersey, the French group will carry out high-pressure measurements (using an optical system) and high field local structure measurements.

This award represents the US side of parallel proposals to the NSF and the CNRS. NSF will cover travel funds and living expenses for the US investigator and graduate student. CNRS will support visits by French researchers and graduate students to the United States. The research will advance understanding of the structural, electronic and magnetic properties of manganite materials.

Effective start/end date2/1/031/31/09


  • National Science Foundation: $18,120.00


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