U.S.-Korea Cooperative Research: Modeling and Analyzing Communication Behavior of Parallel Programs on Distributed-Memory Multiprocessors

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9722545 Sohn This award supports a two-year collaborative research project between Dr. Andrew Sohn of the New Jersey Institute of Technology and Dr. Dongseung Kim of Korea University in Seoul, Korea on 'Modeling and Analyzing Communication Behavior of Parallel Programs on Distributed-Memory Multiprocessors.' The objective of the project are to 1) model the capabilities of hardware and software for overlapping communication with computation, and 2) compare the overlapping capabilities of distributed-memory multiprocessors on selected benchmark problems. Distributed-memory multiprocessors are known to have the architecture needed for increasing the machine's capability by simply adding more processor to the system. Programming distributed-memory machines, however, is often difficult due to many practical issues including algorithm design, data distribution, and workload distribution. When a large number of processors work together to solve a single problem, communication between processors becomes key to determining the performance of large scale distributed memory machines. This project will combine the expertise and facilities of the U.S. and Korea research groups in addressing this important problem in computer science. ***

Effective start/end date8/15/977/31/00


  • National Science Foundation: $24,340.00


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