U.S.-Poland Astronomical Research in Helio-Asteroseismology

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The primary objective of this U.S.-Poland research project between Dr. Philip Goode of the New Jersey Institute of Technology and Dr. Wojciech Dziembronski of the Copernicus Astronomical Center is to use helioseismic data to determine the stability of the internal rotation and magnetism of the Sun. The researchers intend to relate this degree of stability to the properties of the dynamo during the solar surface activity cycle. Additionally, the work will emphasize use of similar seismic data to learn more about Ap star magnetic fields and the origin of such stars' spectral properties. The combined results of the work will build upon our knowledge of the seismology of slowly rotating, nonmagnetic Ap stars and should contribute to better developed solar and stellar evolution models. The project in stellar evolution fulfills the program objective of advancing scientific knowledge by enabling leading experts in the United States and Eastern Europe to combine complementary talents and pool research resources in areas of strong mutual interest and competence.

Effective start/end date9/15/908/31/94


  • National Science Foundation: $29,428.00


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