Workshop: Accelerators for Data Intensive Applications; A Workshop to Engage the Science and Engineering Community - Arlington, VA - Fall 2010

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We will hold workshop in early Fall 2010 to promote understanding of, through collaboration around, issues required to utilize accelerator enhanced systems efficiently for solving challenging problems in several application domains. Working through these issues together will advance understanding in application domains and computer science. This will launch productive collaborations between computer scientists and application developers to enable efficient and early use of accelerator computing resources as they come online and foster the discussion of a potential Software Infrastructure Center organization. We will use application requirements from several important science and engineering disciplines to drive innovations in future computing technologies such as manycore processor architectures and application accelerators.

The workshop will promote meaningful information exchange between the application developers and computer scientists and engineers. It will be structured as a tutorial; application scientists will describe their applications along with the computational challenges they present; computer scientists will describe their methods and tools for improving application performance and capability. There will be concrete actions identified out of the workshop, such as collaborative development of a center scale proposal for algorithm and model development and software for the community based on these abstractions which will be included in the workshop report. The objective is that investigators in both fields are to become better positioned to use emerging application accelerators.

The workshop will be used to facilitate an unprecedented exploration of important science problems at great scale and fidelity and enabling a broad set of science and engineering applications to productively employ parallelism and accelerators to tackle data- and compute- intensive problems. Collaborations between domain experts and computer scientists thus have the potential to improve U.S. economic competitiveness, improve understanding of emerging processor architectures, and keep the U.S. pre-eminent in this important promising technology.

Effective start/end date8/15/107/31/11


  • National Science Foundation: $37,837.00


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