Workshop: Roadmap For Reliable Ensemble Forecasting Of The Sun-Earth System; Njit, March, 2018

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This 1-year project is to enable the participation of solar data providers, expert modelers of solar phenomena, and computer scientists from the US at the Roadmap for Reliable Ensemble Forecasting of the Sun-Earth System workshop, which will be held at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in March of 2018. This dedicated workshop is intended to lay down a research roadmap that will target the great science challenge of tightly coupling the solar observations and modeling with new-age computer research to discover new fundamental knowledge from big volumes of data, while stimulating computer science with new research challenges. The workshop will provide consensus feedback from the solar and computer science communities, which will help establish scientific priorities and research directions, and also promote future transdisciplinary collaborations between both fields.The solar data challenges and cutting-age computer science approaches to data processing and analysis identified during this workshop will drive subsequent activities aiming to implement novel cyberinfrastructure solutions and stimulate transdisciplinary research. The workshop is aimed at advancing discovery and understanding, while promoting education and collaborative work in transdisciplinary environments, which will directly impact the participants' careers. Such activities will facilitate the traNational Science Foundation er of innovative data analysis, data visualization, data driven modeling, and data analytics to other fields of research that may benefit from similar frameworks and approaches to problems solving. The workshop covers scientific topics that are both fundamental and timely: they address not only the basic goal of discovering new knowledge, but also the practical application of that knowledge to mitigate impacts of solar activity on the near-Earth space environment.? Furthermore, it directly addresses Goal 5 of National Space Weather Action Plan, namely 'improve space-weather services through advancing understanding and forecasting,' by aiming to develop a roadmap for reliable ensemble forecasting of the Sun-Earth system. The roadmap will be made Publicly available online on the workshop website.
Effective start/end date1/1/1812/31/18


  • National Science Foundation


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